The Organizing Committee has created a general itinerary based on previous MicroCon events.  This is subject to change and will be updated as the date of the conference approaches.

Thursday - August 4

Evening: A casual welcome reception for all guests.

Location: Grand Duke Travis' residence, one block from Sam's Town.

Dress Code: Casual

This reception is optional for those who arrive early.

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Friday - August 5

Day:  Tourist visits around the Las Vegas area.  Some organized tours with event hosts as guides.

Dress code:  Vacation Casual

Evening: Diplomatic reception welcoming all delegates.

Location: Red Rock Ballroom, Sams's Town.

Dress code: Business attire

Arthur-Embassy REception.jpg
Saturday - August 6

Day: Main conference event with curated speakers delivering topics of micronational interest.

Dress code: Business attire / Formal

Evening: Gala Ball and formal dinner with entertainment.

Dress code: Formal

Location: Red Rock Ballroom, Sam's Town.

Sunday - August 7

This event is optional.

Sporting Event Attendees will enjoy one another's company while participating in a casual sporting event such as bowling or ice skating.

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